Friday, June 17, 2011

Complain, Whine, Complain

This is just for me today. I have been the biggest complainer, whiner, or whatever else you want to call it this week. Remember my whole "be positive" part of my 2011 plan, ya, don't know where that went! Now mind you I can give you some pretty darn good excuses and reasons why I'm complaining but in the end they are still just excuses. I haven't looked at any positives this week. I let circumstances and my emotions take me down and looking back it was basically pathetic.

Of course I didn't think it was pathetic until the end of the week, mainly last night after our ladies Bible study. My sister teaches it and we are going through the fruit of the spirit. Last night we went over Faith and surprisingly complaining came up. If you can imagine I felt a little ridiculous but realized it's true. Complaining, worrying, whining, it all says no faith. Not just faith in God, but in yourself, those around you, and what you believe. I tried being more positive today and not focusing and what was frustrating me, had faith that God would work it out and that I could handle what was given. Amazingly enough I had a much much better day. So, if everything is going wrong and you are having the most miserable day of your life have some faith, be positive, and see the difference.

Stop complaining! Have faith!

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  1. Why is it so much easier to focus on all the negative things that happen in our life rather than the positive?! I find myself frustrated with this same struggle in my own life. You're not alone!! <3