Thursday, May 26, 2011

L. O. V. E.

Love, l.o.v.e. I really feel loved right now. I have so many people close to me that love me a lot and unconditionally. They care and will give opinions but they respect me and support me with whatever I do. It means a lot and has really touched me. I've obviously known I was loved before but certain things have really pointed it out to me recently. I had two people tell me they were glad I hadn't made a specific decision (it would have been beyond stupid if I had) but also tell me they would have understood if I had. First, I felt so stinkin' proud of myself for not making a stupid decision. Secondly, I felt so loved and blessed that I was so completely loved. For awhile I forgot about how much I was loved but I remember now and don't plan on forgetting again.

I am blessed and loved completely for who I am. It's a beautiful, wonderful, and marvelous feeling. Why don't you try sharing it around yourself?

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