Thursday, April 14, 2011

My not even started decorating headache!

My first step in redecorating my room I decided should be with my bed, specifically my comforter. I love color but want to be able to change the accents in my room as I want or just have the ability for a wide color pallet. With that in mind I started looking for a solid color bedspread with some character. Of course the ones I found that I fell in love with were over $150. That is NOT in my budget. I did some more searching and found tutorials on how to make the 2 different duvets I liked the best.

I chose the first one. I think it has more character and I just LOVE it. I found the tutorial HERE. I like the white but I sit on my bed a lot. (I'm sitting in my recliner right now but it's only the 4th time in 2 years) I know it would annoy me to no end if I got it dirty AT ALL which with white and my clumsiness it would. Anyways, I decided I wanted it in dark grey. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find dark grey sheets?! Very hard. Well, it would have been a lot easier if I had gone to Ikea like my sister suggested the first day and if I had remembered that my current comforter was in a queen size not a full when I actually went to Ikea to get the sheets. Ikea is cool but I hate walking through ALL the showrooms to try to get to the marketplace for the ONE thing I need. (I was in heels when I went, I'm bitter) I will be getting the right size sheets Saturday. They are a good price ($14 for 1 flat sheet) and decent thread count (310).

Once I finally get the correct size of sheets I will start making the duvet. I'm going to try a pillow case first to get the hang of it and get back into the feel of sewing. I have very basic sewing skills and I haven't used them in years. Well, that's what I said I would tell you and I will let you know how the headache is going as soon as it really gets going that is....

The link to the tutorial for the second comforter can be found HERE.

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  1. Such a neat idea! I'm tempted to try one just for the heck of it. But i need to do my curtains first. And preferably before summer comes. So as soon as i can save up enough $$ I'm gonna go cloth shopping with my friend.
    Anyways, good luck with your project and looking forward to seeing the finished product!!!