Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I like this month!

I know I'm slacking on posts! I'm such a horrible blogger! I do have excuses though. Wanna hear them? It's been a busy month. I've been going through things in my room, getting out more, practicing on Saturdays with the praise band, spending time with family, and planning. So I do have reasons but I will admit they aren't the greatest. I've been meaning to share my newest project but obviously have yet to do so. I will before the week is out though! Promise!

I really do like this month though. Besides the fact that my birthday is this month it's just been good. I feel good, I'm happy and things are happening. Not to toot my own horn but I am really proud of myself. I think I have kicked butt when I could have just laid around and done nothing feeling blah. It's a nice feeling let me tell you. I'm also excited about this month because I get to go horse back riding for my birthday. (hence the horse picture) I haven't been on a horse in oh....6 years but I'm still excited. I took lessons in junior high and always tried to get on trail rides after the lessons stopped. April is a nice month all around. Don't you agree?

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