Friday, October 15, 2010

Wisdom from a 4 year old

My last semester at college in California I was blessed to be able to spend basically everyday off campus in a real home with an amazing woman and her wonderful children. She shared a prayer from her 4 year old and it was exactly what I needed for today, after this week, and preparing for next week. He thanked God for the hurts. He prayed for church, and his family, then thanked God for his friend having a cut on his head, his dad being away, and his little brother being sick. He doesn't realize what he is saying but he still got it right. God is in control no matter how often we as adults forget it. Why not thank him for what he is doing in our life even if it may hurt. It truly is amazing though how the wisest things come from children. So before you finish your week or day thank God for what you aren't thankful for.

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