Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Now where did that thought go??

Earlier today I had a brilliant idea for a blog. It was eloquent, put together, and my thought process just flowed perfectly! But many hours later when I went to write it the eloquence and inspiration were gone. (I probably should add that I was quite angry when I had the inspiration this morning) It was going to be about letting things go and I started writing it but could not get everything to come out right. Maybe I will be able to finish it later. I do love my last line though. "Maybe I care or have cared too much. But is that really such a fault?"

I am going to have to start writing things down when I get an idea because I can lose my thought process so quickly! I already know this and you would think this morning when I was spouting off to my work buddy I would have maybe jotted a few things down. No...I guess I thought that I was upset and irritated enough to remember. Negative! It looks like this blog thing is going to be slightly more than I thought....


  1. That happens to me quite occasionally!!! Right now, i'm scared to post my first "journal" entry!!! lol So i've been avoiding it by putting past works up instead!!! lol I'm such a chicken!!! lol Love you!!!

  2. Hahaha, good to know I am not the only one that "loses" my thoughts. And just start writing it! You can always change it!