Saturday, June 2, 2012

Insta Catch Up

I've been slacking online but I haven't been slacking with my picture taking! 
So here is the last few weeks in pictures. 
It's exciting people.

My inspired snack one night. Oreos and honeydew. 
It was seriously good. But now we're out.

Found a restaurant that makes Asian food! 
This is bulgogi. It made me happy.
I also had sushi. I was full.
This may be why I can't lose weight. 

Attic room + Summer = HOT HOT room
I put up the portable AC all by myself. This included moving furniture. 
And that says 83 degrees. Yuck! 

I ate out like every single day 2 weeks ago. 
Expensive. Except for this day. 
They gave me the Chili's chips and salsa for free. 
I love their chips and salsa. 
Hmm....I need chips and salsa now.

CVS had a new line of drinks. This one is supposed to help you focus.
It tasted yummy as for focusing me, I'll ask my coworkers later. 

Cheesecake and Strawberries for the long weekend. 
Umm...I may have had 2 helpings on Monday. 
Let's not talk about the other days.

Hard to see but I cut my finger trying a sewing project. 
I can't cut a straight line using a yard stick, measuring mat, and rotary cutter. 
I blame that on missing kindergarten. 

First popsicle of summer and the last pic of my lovely green shades. 
They sadly passed away that same night. But they were clearance so that's okay. 

This is part of a conversation I had with Siri (my phone) last week. My words are the ones in quotes. 
I love her responses at times.
Iphones rock people.

Did you know that at Michael's in their jewelry section they have charms, bracelets, etc ready to be worn or put on a chain. I recently learned this. I also learned you can get some good clearance. 
This lovely charm was $1.99. 
Score!!! Just threw it on a  chain I already had. 

Then a slightly matching bracelet for $2.99. Or maybe the prices are the other way around. 
Either way I love it.

I've been seeing stripes every where. Especially on Instagram and was very happy to find this wonderful top on clearance for $10. The stripes are navy blue and I will confess I forgot the necklace in my morning rush but tried it on to see if it would look as fab as I imagined. 

This weekend I'm on a kid duty due to very big exciting news which I shall share soon. 
Like tomorrow soon. 
But today once it finally hit 70 degrees I sat outside while the boys played. 
And dude, do I need a tan! 

That's my Insta-life!!! 
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