Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ya...that plan hasn't gone so well

My last post I was going to start working out and I really really meant to and wanted to! only happened once. Sigh... I didn't wake up in time to workout in the morning and it didn't happen after work either. I am going to try this week though! I am slightly more motivated now after eating a ton of sugar the past few weeks. Pumpkin Bread Pudding is amazing by the way. Only problem is I ate most of it by myself!!! Oops! Definitely need to work off those calories!!

I also talked about school and that got messed up too! It was a week let me tell you! Apparently the suburb I live in doesn't count as residency for any of the closest community colleges!!! Which means it's way more expensive and unaffordable! I am going to take once class this semester but after that I have to figure something else out.

The one plan that worked this week is that I got the pictures Edi and I took. They look amazing and I'm so glad we got them done. I must say we look pretty darn good!

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