Sunday, February 13, 2011

My decorating challenge!

If you remember one of my plans for 2011 was to decorate my room more. I have a hard time thinking of my own creative things to do so I have been scouring the internet for great ideas! I found one and changed it a little bit to make it cheaper. I don't have a name for it I made my own art using cardboard, adhesive spray, and scrapbook paper. The paper cost me $2.00 at Michael's and the spray was $4.00.

I measured out squares of different sizes on the paper and cardboard. I cut them out and then glued the paper onto the cardboard. How easy is that? To hang them on my wall I bought a pack of refill command hook stickers. I love the result and it brings some color to my drab brown room. I now really dislike my comforter but I'm going to have to wait on replacing that. For under $10 I made some pretty snazzy art that I can even change later if I want to.

On the same shopping trip but at a different store I picked up a bookshelf to swap in my nephews room for the one of his I wanted. My books are now on proper shelves instead of the floor. In this decorating frenzy I was able to hang a couple pictures from the photo shoot Edi I had back in October. The bookshelf gave me the perfect spot to display another homemade piece of artwork. I took flowers I would normally wear in my hair and put them in a plain black frame. It's a nice pop of color and I can see the flowers instead of them sitting in a drawer waiting for me to remember to wear them. I'm going to post pictures of all of this and would also like to say that my wonderful sister helped me hang everything and make sure it was straight. Otherwise who knows what would have happened.

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